Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Catholic Doctrine Of The Eucharist. Part 34.


ST. GREGORY OF NYSSA.—"Now we must consider how it can be that one body, which so constantly through the whole world is distributed to so many thousands of the faithful, can be whole in each receiver, and itself remain whole. The body of Christ, by the inhabitation of the word of God, was transmuted into a divine dignity: and I now believe, that the bread, sanctified by the word of God, is transmuted into the body of Christ, agreeably to what he said, This is my body."— (Orat. Catech, c. 37, T. 2, p. 534.)

"The bread also is at first common bread; but when it has been sanctified, it is called and is made the body of Christ." —(Orat. in Bapt. Christi. T. 2, p. 802.)