Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Catholic Doctrine Of The Eucharist. Part 36.


CENTURY V. ST. AUGUSTINE.—"Our Lord was willing that our salvation should he in his body and blood. And this was an effect of his humility. For had he not been humble, he would not have been to us meat and drink."— (In Psalm xxxiii. T. 8, p. 92.)

"When committing to us his body, he said: This is my body; Christ was held in his own hands. He bore that body in his hands."— (Ibid. p. 94.) "The bread that you behold on the altar, sanctified by the word of God, is the body of Christ. That cup—that which the cup contains, is the blood of Christ."— (Serm. 227, al. 83, in die. Pasch. ad Infantes. T. 10, p. 555.)

"We receive with a faithful heart and mouth the mediator of God and man, the man Christ Jesus; who has given us his body to eat, and his blood to drink."— (Contra. Advers. Legis. L. 2, c. 9, T. 6, p. 264.) "But some say this is hard, who can hear it? (John vi.) It is hard to the hard, that is, it is incredible to the incredulous."— (De verbis Apostoli. Serm. 2, T. 10, p. 94.)