Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Catholic Doctrine Of The Eucharist. Part 38.


ST. PROCLUS, PATRIARCH OF CONSTANTINOPLE.—"By these prayers, (of the liturgy,) the descent of the Holy Spirit was expected, that by his sacred presence he would make the bread, that is presented for the offering, the body of Christ, and the wine mingled with water, his blood." -(In Bibl P. P. Max. T. 6, p. 618.)

THEODORET.—Who wrote four books against the Eutychian heresy, introduces a dialogue between an orthodox believer and an Eutychian, under the names of Orthodoxus and Eranistes. The subject being that of the Eucharist, the answers of Orthodoxus will clearly demonstrate what the belief of the Catholic Church was at that period, as to the reality of Christ's presence in the Eucharist. " Eran. —Tell me what you call the gift that is offered before the priest's invocation ? Orth. —We call it an aliment made of certain grains. Eran. —And how do you call the other symbol ? Orth. —We give it a name that denotes a certain beverage. Eran. —And after consecration, what are they called ? Orth. —The body of Christ, and the blood of Christ. They are understood to be what they have been made; this they are believed to be; and as such they are adored."— (Dial. 2, T. 4.)